Do you have challenges with hoof boots twisting during use?

Do you have challenges with hoof boots twisting during use?
July 5, 2016 | 5 Comments


  1. Rebecca Frier says:

    Hi there – I bought equine fusion all terrain last week after discussion with the hoof boot retailer and advice r.e size and hoof shape. I tried them for the first time today and fitted them according to instructions and the videos. After about 2 miles they were badly twisted outwards and I had to get off and refit them, however after a short while they twisted again and we just had to walk home. I am panicking a bit as this was a big investment and I cannot afford to buy another pair of different boots. Any advice on how we can remedy this would be much appreciated!!


  2. Equine Fusion says:

    Hi, Send an enquiry on e-mail to and we will help you as best as we can.

  3. Colin Galloway says:

    Our horses have large hooves. We bought all terrain boots for both horses which are virtually useless as they twist dangerously while riding. We have tried insoles and pads recommended by our barefoot farrier without any success. Wasted a lot of money on boots which are no good. Can anyone help?

  4. Colin Galloway says:

    No help at all from equine fusion. They could only suggest I purchased another type of boot from them. Thanks for nothing. Will use another manufacturer.

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