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Welcome to the Equine Fusion Measuring Guide

Follow these simple steps to find correct jogging shoe size for your horse. If you have any questions regarding this guide or our jogging shoes, please contact us at

Step 1: Understanding the measurement terminology

Step 1: Understanding the measurement terminology

What is a Buttress line?

The buttress line is the farthest weight bearing point of the heel where the hoof wall ends.

What is a Toe line?

Max Length = Toe line –> Heel buttress line

What does Widest Point mean?

Widest point = Max width on the hoof sole.

Back Step 2: Tips and considerations before measuring

Step 2: Tips and considerations before measuring

Check out our dealer map to locate you nearest dealer. They might be able to provide you with guidance when measuring your horse. Many of our dealers offer following services:

  • Fitting services, they come to you and your horse and they help you measure and find the correct size
  • Fit Kits, you can borrow a kit with fitting shells of our sole so you can make sure that you find the correct size

OBS: (applicable for all models except glue-on jogging shoes)

Underun heels: If your horse has low heel bulbs or underrun heels, you may consider going up one jogging shoe size in length, and you might need a slim size.

Freshly trimmed hooves: If the hooves are freshly trimmed add 4mm (1/8¨) to allow for hoof growth.


OBS: (only applicable for glue-on jogging shoes)

Freshly trimmed hooves: For best fit and durability of the 24/7 jogging shoe, ensure freshly trimmed hooves prior to measuring/application.

Tight fit: If you are between two sizes, choose the tightest alternative as the shoe will adapt due to its elasticity.

Back Step 3: How to measure?

Step 3: How to measure?

  1. Measure the length from the buttress line to the toe and do not include the heel bulbs.
  2. Measure the width between the widest point on each side.

Video - How to measure your horse's hooves to find the correct size:

Back Step 4: Size Calculator

Size Calculator How do I get these measurements? Click here for How To Measure!

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