Key Features – Explanation

Key Features – Explanation

                                     Rigid material                  Flexible & Elastic
                                                                               Jogging Shoe


The frog and entire area under the hoof is in contact with the ground ->natural blood flow

The entire hoof area is in use, this will reduce pressure and loads on hoof and leg.
This promotes natural bio-mechanics and prevent strain injury.

Allow the hoof to sink into and adapt to the sole.

The hoof sinks into the sole for cushioning and sideways/ forward for movement.

The sole is flexible and elastic and adapts between the hoof and surface.

Sinking into the sole and flexibility will enable the horse to feel the ground and utilize the entire hoof area. Key: Balance, Stability and Cushioning

Allow the hoof to work as nature intended by not impeding the biomechanical functioning.

The hoof works with the sole inside the shoe to safeguard natural balance, stability, cushioning, blood flow and promote a more consistent surface contact &rollover motion.

Customized sole to ensure sufficient grip

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