Equine Fusion has in cooperation with Professor Lars Roepstorff at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences performed testing to document some of the key features of the Jogging shoe.

The Orono Biomechanical Surface Tester (OBST) was used to attach 5 different test objects on 3 different surfaces. The OBST is a well proven and known equipment to quantify properties of equestrian surfaces, and was used for mechanical testing of the equestrian Olympic arena in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016.

The OBST mimicsmaximum loads and velocities for a 600 kg horse during the early landing/ touchdown phase after an obstacle, as a simultaneous downward motion and forward slide of the ‘hoof’ when it contacts the ground. The OBST speed at impact was set to ± 3.8 m/s, equivalent to a horse at fast trot or at slow gallop (300-350 m/min). The surface’s response of the load is measured by accelerometers and load cells

(in 12 different channels with a sample rate of 10 000 readings/ second). It is assumed that the differences in measured parameters is due to the properties of the test objects, when test performed on the same surface. 

Main result:

Specially the Equine Fusion All Terrain Jogging shoe reduces the maximum loads on the hoof at the early landing/ touchdown phase (shown thru all tests).

Equine Fusion Ultimate Jogging shoe is showing relative low maximum loads on hard surfaces.

Example – test results All Terrain on hard surface (road):

Reduced acceleration at impact means better (increased) dampening.

All Terrain reduces acceleration at impact with 40% compared to steel shoe and 11-30% compared to plastic hoof boots, on a firm packed gravel car road. Or equivalent, steel shoe increases acceleration at impact with 67% and plastic hoof boots 12-42% compared to All Terrain.

All Terrain reduces force at impact with 43% compared to steel shoe and 26-30% compared to plastic hoof boots, on a firm packed gravel car road. Or equivalent, steel shoe increases force at impact with 75% and plastic hoof boots 35-43% compared to All Terrain.

All detailed results are shown in the following graphs and tables.

Test objects:

A = Steel shoe (as reference)

B = Equine Fusion All Terrain – size 16 slim

C = Equine Fusion Ultimate – size 16 slim

D = Plastic 1 (other vendor hoof boot) – size equivalent

E = Plastic 2 (other vendor hoof boot) – size equivalent

Test surfaces:

  1. Hard surface (road) = firm packed gravel car road
  2. Arena surface = outdoor riding arena for training (0-2 sand sk ebb and flow construction)
  3. Hard arena surface = indoor riding arena with high firmness (sk rubberground construction)
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