No Dream is Too Big

No Dream is Too Big
August 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Vinnie the Dreamer is the name of the miniature pony that won the Swedish public’s hearts under the slogan “No dream is too big” in ATG’s successful commercial. With over 55 000 followers on Facebook, he is without a doubt Sweden’s most adored miniature horse.

Back in 2015 Vinnie’s trainer and groomer, Anna Engström, faced a hard decision. With winter coming up she needed a pair of good shoes for Vinnie. Unfortunately, Vinnie’s farriers would not be able to shoe the horse because his hoof walls were too thin. After doing some research Engström found our hoof boots and wanted to try these jogging shoes out for her miniature TV star.

While Vinnie was gaining more popularity in Sweden, he was given the opportunity to do a lot of indoor work. Facing the slippery floors of stairs, elevators and filming on set Engström was dependent on finding that perfect pair of shoes to keep Vinnie on his feet. Our rubber-soled hoof boots turned out to be perfect, making sure Vinnie could focus on making every performance perfect, without having to worry about staying on his feet.

Engström has been provided with winter shoes, and one additional set of indoor jogging shoes. The optional studs were installed in the winter shoes to make them extra suitable for the cold and slippery Swedish winter. Only the best is good enough for Sweden’s favorite miniature horse, and the jogging shoes were specially embroidered with the Swedish flag to give them that extra star quality.

Ever since that day in 2015, Vinnie has been using his jogging shoes with great success. Vinnie isn’t just a huge celebrity in Sweden, he is also dreaming of becoming the world’s best trotter. The possibility to change from indoor jogging shoes to the studded ones for outside use has been especially convenient for the miniature horse with such big dreams.

Two years later, in February 2017, Vinnie is still using the same set of shoes. Engström is telling us that she couldn’t be happier with the choice she made two years ago. The shoes have been perfect for Vinnie’s small feet, and the fit has been firm and stable for the different activities Vinnie has taken part in. He has been using the studded winter shoes all winter with great success. “…when it’s icy outside they are absolutely great!” Engström says. She is also impressed by the durability of the shoes. Even though Vinnie has been using them a lot the studs on the shoes seem to be unaffected. When asked if she would recommend the shoes to other horse owners, she answers “Yes, absolutely! Always!”.

Even Vinnie’s farriers have been giving Engström good feedback after he started using the shoes. His hooves look much better and have become more durable after using the jogging shoes. There has been no sign of thrush or other hoof diseases, and his hoof walls are healthy and strong.

When Lindström is asked to pick one favorite thing about the jogging shoes, she admits that it’s hard choosing only one. Still, if she has to pick one it has to be the flexibility. “If we are going to do anything active it’s just to slip on the shoes, and Vinnie is ready to go. The fact that you don’t have to nail the shoes to the hooves improves the hooves health”, Lindström explains.

Only one question remains, will Vinnie the Dreamer ever be able to put on his shoes all by himself? Lindström laughs, “That might be a bit too tricky, but who knows? Once he’s done learning everything else, we can start teaching”. Only the future will show, but one thing is for sure; With Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes on his feet, Vinnie the Dreamer will continue to follow his dream. And remember: “No dream is too big”.

Want to see more of Vinnie the Dreamer? Check out one of the popular commercials that he if the star of:

This blog post is based on Anna Hane’s blog post: “Vinne om sina Equine Fusion joggingskor” (28th of February, 2017).

The pictures are also provided by Anna Hane.

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