All Terrain Ultra

All Terrain Ultra

Introducing the All Terrain Ultra shoe

The marked has spoken, and we have listened.
Our customers wanted a jogging shoe which could be used for a large variety of purposes; long distance riding and riding in demanding terrain at various speed.

Our customers had three requests for a new shoe:
• All Terrain sole
• Improvement in twisting
• Fit odd shaped hooves without rubbing

We have listened and combined our unique All Terrain sole with the well proven Ultra upper.

We have done extensive testing with prototypes and below you can read about some tests worth mentioning:

1. 1st test. The horse Heidi is a large strong horse who has a natural twisting movement on all four legs. This horse has twisted with all hoof boots that were previously tried on, and the owner has had big problems to find a boot that would work on the horse. The new All Terrain Ultra fits well on this horse, and did not twist after several demanding tests.

2. Endurance. A top trained endurance horse has previously had problems with twisting on all four legs, and in a demanding environment it also in some cases lost hoof boots. After several weeks of testing with the new All Terrain Ultra, no problems were recorded. The All Terrain Ultra’s stay on and are not twisting. The horse is still using them in full training.

3. Trotting. We even did tests on a professional trotting racing horse. After many rounds on the track, the All Terrain Ultra’s was undamaged, and there were no problems with the horse.

We are very confident that the All Terrain Ultra will be able to offer hoof boots to a much wider range of horses, and with this give you the freedom to choose a jogging shoe that fits your horse.
The All Terrain Ultra model will considerably improve the following in demanding applications:

• Twisting of hoof boot (for horses with natural twisting movement)
• Proper fit on upper part of hoof (for horses with odd shaped hooves)
• Run/twist out of hoof boot (the locking system keeps the shoe on)
• Rubbing (the soft upper will be good to sensitive areas)
• Breathable material (for rehabilitation purposes)

Size Size Range Length Size Range Width
10 SLIM 9.6–10.5cm (3 3/4–4 1/8") up to 9.35cm (3 11/16")
10 9.6–10.5cm (3 3/4–4 1/8") up to 10cm (3 15/16")
11 SLIM 10.6–11.5cm (4 3/16–4 1/2") up to 10.35cm (4 1/16")
11 10.6–11.5cm (4 3/16–4 1/2") up to 11cm (4 5/16")
12 SLIM 11.6–12.5cm (4 9/16–4 15/16") up to 11.35cm (4 1/2")
12 11.6–12.5cm (4 9/16–4 15/16") up to 12cm (4 3/4")
13 SLIM 12.6–13.5cm (4 15/16–5 5/16") up to 12.35cm (4 7/8")
13 12.6–13.5cm (4 15/16–5 5/16") up to 13cm (5 1/8")
14 SLIM 13.6–14.5cm (5 3/8–5 11/16") up to 13.35cm (5 1/4")
14 13.6–14.5cm (5 3/8–5 11/16") up to 14cm (5 1/2")
15 SLIM 14.6–15.5cm (5 3/4–6 1/8") up to 14.35cm (5 5/8")
15 14.6–15.5cm (5 3/4–6 1/8") up to 15cm (5 15/16")
16 SLIM 15.6–16.5cm (6 1/8–6 1/2") up to 15.35cm (6 1/16")
16 15.6–16.5cm (6 1/8–6 1/2") up to 16cm (6 5/16")
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