Introducing the Ultra Jogging Shoe

The Ultra sole is made of an improved rubber compound which combines the maximum strength needed for excellent wear resistance, with the softness required to give the flexibility and shock absorption the hoof needs to function as normal.

The Ultra has increased stability for the hoof wall and better shock absorption on hard surfaces. This has been achieved by increasing the thickness of the solid rubber (1.25mm) to improve the dampening effect, whilst reducing the height of the tread around the outer edge of the sole to keep the overall sole thickness the same.

The Ultra tread pattern also gives the shoe more flexibility in the center of the sole for maximum frog pressure, improved balance and breakover. The tread studs are designed to prevent soil and mud build-up. The Ultra comes in red/black and black/black and sizes 10-15.

Shoe Size Hoof Length Hoof Width
10 9.6–10.5cm (3 3/4–4 1/8") up to 10cm (3 15/16")
11 10.6–11.5cm (4 3/16–4 1/2") up to 11cm (4 5/16")
12 11.6–12.5cm (4 9/16–4 15/16") up to 12cm (4 3/4")
13 12.6–13.5cm (4 15/16–5 5/16") up to 13cm (5 1/8")
14 13.6–14.5cm (5 3/8–5 11/16") up to 14cm (5 1/2")
15 14.6–15.5cm (5 3/4–6 1/8") up to 15cm (5 15/16")
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