Results – Grip

Results – Grip

Peak horizontal acceleration parameter is the measured horizontal acceleration of the ‘hoof’ at impact.
Acceleration describes how fast the speed changes per time.
This measure describes the amount of grip (also known as slide/ strike movement).
High peak values of horizontal acceleration at impact means high amount of grip (‘hoof’ stops faster).
Reduced horizontal acceleration at impact means the ‘hoof’ comes to a stop slower.

The horizontal acceleration is given in g [m/s²]. 1 g = 9.80665 m/s².
Peak values shown at zero time [ms] simulating first impact of the early landing/ touchdown phase.

The graph is showing results from a hard surface (road).
The diagram is showing a calculation from the same set of data collected.
The grip parameter is the calculated amount of mm the ‘hoof’ slides on the surface after impact, before it comes to a stop.

Due to the degree of uncertainty in the dataset of peak vertical acceleration, the results cannot be used to quantify the difference between the test objects (based on setup and number of dataset collected).
In summary the results do not show any significant difference between the test objects.

A = Steel shoe (as reference)

B = Equine Fusion All Terrain – size 16 slim

C = Equine Fusion Ultimate – size 16 slim

D = Plastic 1 (other vendor hoof boot) – size equivalent

E = Plastic 2 (other vendor hoof boot) – size equivalent

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