Winter is Coming – How to Install the Studs from our Stud Kit on Your Jogging Shoes

Winter is Coming – How to Install the Studs from our Stud Kit on Your Jogging Shoes
October 19, 2017 | 5 Comments

Winter is approaching fast and temperatures are dropping as we speak. Some of you might experience icy and snowy roads during the winter. Slippery roads are a safety hazard. But don’t you worry! We are here to help. Keeping horse and rider safe has top priority at Equine Fusion.

We provide stud kits for installing in the jogging shoes’ soles to keep our four-legged friends on their feet. This will keep them safe and happy, even on slippery winter roads. We offer two different sets of stud kits: Basic and All Terrain.

The Basic stud kit is made for our Ultra and Ultimate models and provides smaller studs. We recommend using our additional dampening pads to keep your horse comfortable due to the thickness of the mentioned soles. The All Terrain stud kid can be used on the All Terrain and All Terrain Ultra models, and it is optional to use the dampening pads because these soles are thicker.Get in touch with one of our dealers if you need the kit or the dampening pads.

Install the stud kit as follows:

1. To start, you need the shoes, stud kit with the tool (bits) for installing and a power drill.

2. Install the tool in an electric power drill.

3. Insert one stud into the tool

4. Align the cutting edge of the stud with the center point of the rubber stud in the shoe

5. Press the stud firmly into the shoe while using the power drill to rotate the stud inside the shoe. It’s important to use slow rotation.

6. Stop when the upper edge of the stud is flush with the rubber. It’s important to sink the head of the stud into the sole. The tool itself should also sink into the shoe when the stud is installed.

7. Repeat until the recommended number of studs are installed in the shoe. This depends on the shoe size. This information is provided in the flyer that comes with the stud kit.

8. Tip: Prepare a hole before screwing the stud by using a 3-4 mm drill to make a hole.

When the winter is over, you can remove the studs and continue to use the jogging shoes without the studs.

We used the studs on a frozen lake in Norway.

Last but not least we have to bring you back to our previous blog post, where we wished Rita and her horse Obeyah good luck in their upcoming World Championship for Juniors and Young riders in Endurance. This time around we want to congratulate Rita and Obeyah with their great performance last month. They successfully finished the 120 km long race. The rider and the horse were in great shape. Finishing as number 33 out of almost 100 participants, Rita was pleased with

both her own and Obeyah’s great performance. Congratulations to Rita and her team!


The result list from World Championship for Juniors and Young riders in Endurance:
Click here for view

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